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"The next generation will not charge us for what we've done; they will charge and condemn us for what we have left undone" -Mother Jones



To join ACEA, you can download this payroll deduction form, complete it, and send it by truck mail to the ACEA office or you can hand deliver it to the ACEA office at 618 NW 13th Avenue, Gainesville.  You can also get this form from your school or worksite rep or by stopping in at the ACEA office.  Any questions, call the ACEA office at (352) 377-7635.



Unions empower workers by uniting people with common goals. When people advocate as one, they are more powerful and can accomplish more than they can as individuals.

A union in the workplace can provide many benefits:

  1. Better wages and benefits

  2. Representation if something happens on the job

  3. Assistance with the teacher evaluation system

  4. Respect on the job; power in numbers

  5. A voice in improving the quality of our education system



One of the best things about ACEA is the hundreds of volunteers that drive our organization.  Remember, YOU are the union.  Volunteering gives you a chance to build professional relationships outside of your school or worksite, become better educated about your profession, and to feel good about getting involved.  Here are just a few of the ways you can volunteer:

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