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Why Join?








“Those who would destroy or further limit the rights of organized labor…do a disservice to the cause of democracy. “

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


ACEA offers you:

  • A Legally Binding Written Contract. ACEA  has the right to negotiate with the School Board for contract language which includes such issues as wages, hours, benefits and working conditions.   Through input from our members, the bargaining team decides what to bring to the negotiation table and members vote to approve the contract before it goes into effect. Without collective bargaining, teachers and education support professionals would have limited legal rights under the state’s “right to work” labor laws. Read more

  • Protection and Support. Teachers and ESPs need the assurance that their contractual rights, including health and safety conditions, are being upheld and monitored.  They also want the ability to challenge any actions that violate their contract.  When you become a member of ACEA, you also become a member of Florida Education Association (FEA) which provides legal representation to its members if it should become necessary. Read more



  • Assistance with the Teacher Evaluation System. FEA and ACEA are already working to require that teacher evaluations are done properly and without bias or unfair techniques. While politicians seem to find new ways to disrespect those of us who are truly focused on success in the classroom, we are determined to keep these evaluations from demeaning the amazing work you do every day.



  • Strength in Numbers.  Union workers negotiate and organize for improvements as a unified group instead of as individuals. ACEA has over 2200 members which is a large group of people. When we work together, this collective force translates into more respect and a better chance of getting our voices heard.



  • Consumer Savings. Our members have access to a wide variety of savings through their association with ACEA, FEA, AFT and NEA.  Check out our Member Services page for more information. Read more

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