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Creative Benefits

Through Creative Benefits, you can take advantage of the following services:

  • Discounts on auto insurance through Liberty Mutual (Carmen Ward saved over $600 annually!)

  • Get a mortgage or refinance your current mortgage through CrossCountry Mortgage (See member Kim Beagle's testimonial)

  • Get financial guidance and planning through Suncoast Credit Union

  • Access discounted tax preparation services through H&R Block

  • Get supplemental insurance with American Fidelity


Click here or the Creative Benefits icon

below to visit the Creative Benefits website:

Member Kim Beagle saved $111,000 on her mortgage!

I had a really positive experience with one of the union benefits this summer and wanted to share it with you, in hopes that more ACEA members will take advantage of this great opportunity.    A few weeks ago, I refinanced my house through CrossCountry Mortgage Company.  It was easier than you can possibly imagine, and it will save me $111,000 on my mortgage--with no out of pocket cost to me.  


The process was unbelievably simple & my closing happened within 3 weeks.

  • The application was done online, very user-friendly, and not time-consuming at all.

  • All of the information they need (W-2, mortgage statement, etc.) is very easily uploaded onto their website.  

  • Someone from the company called me twice for about 10 minutes each time.  

  • Each week they sent me a short video explaining where my loan approval was in the process.

  • They sent a notary to my house for the closing,

  • Most of the closing forms were online, so the entire closing process took less than a half hour in my own dining room.  (The notary does contract work for several mortgage companies, and said Cross Country is, by far, the most streamlined process of all of them.  I couldn't agree more.)

  • There were no out of pocket refinancing/closing costs.

  • The entire process took 3 weeks, from start to finish.

I've been a union member since 1994, and this is one of the best union benefits I've ever participated in.  I would HIGHLY recommend that all ACEA members look into this incredible benefit for themselves and their families.

If you want to refinance or purchase a home, click on the Creative Benefits logo below and then click on the Mortgage Lender box:

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