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AFT Benefits

ACEA members are all members of the American Federation of Teachers (AFT).  AFT membership brings with it a wealth of resources and opportunities.  With the purchasing power of 1.5 million members, together we are able to access a wide array of high-quality programs and services.  Our partners that offer these services and programs are committed to socially responsible business practices that will provide you and your family with great selections at competitive prices.

Trauma Counseling Program

  • A free benefit for all active working AFT members to provide help and healing after facing personal or workplace trauma. Scan the QR code for more information:


  • Auto and Home Insurance

  • Term Life Insurance

  • Disability Income

  • Medical and Vision Plans

  • Pet Insurance


Legal and Financial Services

  • Legal Services

  •  Mortgage Financing and Mortgage Issues

  • Credit Cards

  • Credit and Budget Counseling

  • Scholarships and Loan Forgiveness Programs



  • Life Line Screening

  • Health Club Discounts

  • Dental, Vision and Prescription Discounts


Travel and Entertainment

  • Discounts on Theme Parks, Movie Tickers, Theaters, Zoos, Sporting Events

  • Auto Club, Car Rentals, Budget Truck Rentals, Moving Van Discounts

  • Extra Holidays by Wyndham Resources and Vacation Rentals



  • AFT Advantage Card

  • Discounts Books, Magazine, and Educational Supplies

  • Discounts on Mary Kay Cosmetics, AT & T Wireless Services, Dell Computers and Teleflower Flowers


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