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Active Membership

Teachers and Education Support Professionals (ESPs) who work for the Alachua County Public Schools are eligible for membership in ACEA.  Active members pay dues through eDues drafts. Your dues are dependent on your salary.

$47,317.00 AND GREATER = FULL DUES ($32 for 20 pays)

$15,000.00 -$47,316.99 = HALF DUES ($16 for 20 pays)

$14,999.99 and below = QUARTER DUES ($8 for 20 pays)

To join ACEA, click eDues via Fast Track to sign upIf you have any questions, call the ACEA office at (352) 377-7635


Retired Membership

The Retired Alachua County Educators (TRACE) provides opportunities for members to continue their membership and involvement in matters concerning education.  Membership is open to any retired education union member. Contact ACEA at (352) 377-7635 for more information.



Associate Membership

ACEA offers Associate Memberships to individuals in the local community who are not employees of the Alachua County Public Schools but who are interested in supporting education.  Associate Members are invited to attend education-related events and meetings.  Annual dues are $10.  If you would like to become an associate member of ACEA, please call our office at (352) 377-7635 for more information

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