Teacher Compensation

SB106/Rader Florida Teacher Fair Pay Act – Minimum starting pay for teachers – Instructional Personnel Salaries; Citing this act as the “Florida Teacher Fair Pay Act”; providing legislative intent that the Florida Education Finance Program be funded at a level that ensures a certain minimum annual starting salary for instructional personnel; specifying a statewide minimum salary for all instructional personnel for the 2020-2021 fiscal year; requiring the Department of Education to annually calculate an adjusted statewide minimum annual starting salary, etc.

Workforce Training Grants for Charters

Gov. Ron DeSantis and lawmakers funneled more than $100 million in taxpayer dollars this year to expand Florida's school voucher programs. Among the schools eligible to receive that money is Covenant Christian School, accused of forcing out a teacher for being gay. 

The Palm Bay school and others that are part of the program are not only allowed to discriminate against LGBTQ staff but they can expel or deny admission to LGBTQ students and children of same-sex parents. That's perfectly legal under the state program that pays for students to attend a private school instead of a public one. 

“We are taking the case for PreK-12 public education and higher education straight to the people — to
the parents, students and communities who have been directly impacted by more than two decades of
underfunding and poor policy decisions,” FEA President Fedrick Ingram said Friday at a Fund Our
Future Bus Tour launch event in Orlando. “We ask that they stand with us as we call on lawmakers to
fund our future. When the Legislature weighs priorities, our students need to be at the top. It is long
past time to invest in students, invest in public schools, and invest in the teachers and school support
staff needed to educate Florida’s children.”

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Over 50 teachers and parents from Alachua County gather to show their support #4PublicEd #EnoughIsEnough Rally in Tally. Tallahassee, FL, January 14, 2016. #4PublicEd #EnoughIsEnough — in Tallahassee, Florida.