Executive Board

Carmen Ward, ACEA President

Jamarr Akins, ACEA Service Unit Director


Kelly Moore (Littlewood), ACEA Vice President, Instructional

Nancy Mason (Transportation), Vice President, Non-Instructional

Dr. Crystal Tessmann (Parker), ACEA Secretary

Tawanna Hines (Littlewood), ACEA Treasurer

Jennifer Anhalt  (Littlewood), Elementary School Rep

Wanda Moffett (Lanier), Center School Rep

David Dixson (Westwood), Middle School Rep

Nicole Biener (BHS), High School Rep

Shirley Evans (Alachua Elem.), Custodial Rep

Bridgett Clark (Rawlings), Aide/ Paraprofessional Rep


Food Service Rep VACANT

Wanda Durham (ACEA), Office Personnel Rep


Jim Starkloff (Facilities), Facilities Rep

Jonathan Jones (Transportation), Transportation Rep

Sandy Stephenson (ACEA), Retirees Rep

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618 NW 13th Avenue

Gainesville, FL 32601

Alachua County Education Association is a union of professional workers dedicated to advancing the cause of public education. We educate students, empower our members, and work with parents and the community to build a stronger Alachua County.

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